Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black Ops Commentator: WhiteBoy7thst

Who is he?
WhiteBoy7thst is a YouTube commentator for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Not only does he commentate his Black Ops gameplays, he also vlogs daily and listens to his subscribers requests, which is quite rare in the YouTube community. Many of the Call of Duty commentators on YouTube are the same, and just talk about how amazing they are at the game and how epic their 39-1 gameplay is. WhiteBoy, however, is different.

Why is WhiteBoy interesting?
Like I stated above, WhiteBoy is very different from the common kill-whoring commentators that take up 99% of YouTube's Call of Duty commentating community. Unlike popular names like WingsofRedemption, WhiteBoy plays the objective. He generally plays Ground War, and most of his gameplays are Domination. He still gets good scores, but obviously he doesn't post tons of flawless gameplays. His games however are enjoyable because his goal isn't to get a massive killstreak and pwn the enemy team, but to win the game, and has inspired other commentators to also post gameplays where their objective is to win. Although this isn't everybody's cuppa tea, I personally enjoy it a lot more than watching somebody camp in a building the whole game and use a chopper gunner to get 30 kills.

Not only are his Black Ops gameplays more interesting than the average commentator, but he also doesn't just talk about the game. Many commentators will just say “So yeah, as you can see here, I walked around the corner and shot the guy before he shot me, then turned around and got a 360 no scope on some noob because I'm really good” but WhiteBoy doesn't do that. This can be seen as a good or bad thing, but WhiteBoy tends to just talk about everything but the gameplay. He'll tell some story about something interesting or funny or something interesting that happened in his life recently. If, however, you do enjoy him talking about his gameplay, WhiteBoy does something extremely frequently that most commentators do very rarely:

Live Commentaries?!?
WhiteBoy is “famous” for his massive amounts of live commentaries that he posts. He has live commentaries playing Nazi Zombies, he has a Road to Commander series (for those that don't know what it is, it's a live commentary of every/almost every gameplay between level 1 and 50 for some prestige), and he posts live High Roller gameplays all the time. Not only that, but he also has a series where he plays high roller in a fucking gillie suit. Talk about epic. His live commentaries contain a ton of shit talk, all in good fun of course, because he also isn't very serious about the game and likes to pretend to rage often.

If you're interested in a commentator that not only post great gameplays that are mostly objective based, who shit talks up the wazoo, and who talks about something other than Call of Duty (and also occasionally posts non-CoD videos on his main channel, as he also has a second vlogging channel), WhiteBoy7thst is definitely somebody you should check out. A word of warning, however, is that his voice is slightly annoying, but get over it god dammit, give him a try before you decide WhiteBoys style isn't for you.


Chase said...

Hey man I completely agree with what you just said here. I found Whiteboy7thst when the PSN went down for 3 weeks and really enjoy all of his video's. I have a lot more to learn about his channel. Also, if you don't already know of him, check out Muzzafuzza. He is my favorite and Whiteboy is my 2nd favorite.

xx_triplesix_xx said...

whiteboy please i'm one of the biggest fan please add xx_triplesix_xx on PlayStation i subscribed to all of your videos already

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